Dinermate Fragrance Art Perfume

In the perfume industry, one may find many poetic and brilliantly spoken words of how and why a particular perfume was created.  Words that send chills up and down the spine of the reader.  At other times, you can get a certain feel of why a perfume was created, which may be for intimacy.  Another feeling that you might conclude is that a perfume might have been created for just plan ole' money.  However a reader may choose to embrace why a perfumer may have created their own unique scent of expression, it is the perfumer's own personal expression.  Well,...there is no difference for the creation of this perfume "Waken Woman".  The total reason that I created this perfume would probably take a few book chapters in order for you to know the complete reasoning for it's creation.  But to give you a short and brief answer, it was simply love.  I fell deeply in love with a wonderful woman, and in the process of time, I told her that I would make her, her very own perfume and perfume line.  As I am a man of my word, this perfume is my promise spoken word unto her, fulfilled in the natural reality of life. Because she loves memorable items from the past, such as fashion, songs, and classic movies, I felt that the most appropriate name for the fragrance mood and type should be "Nostalgia".  So to me she is the true living fragrance of  "Nostalgia", which is refreshingly captured in each bottle of "Waken Woman".   With her being a unique, lovely, and fresh woman of luxury, I felt that she deserved to have her very own unique, lovely, and fresh perfume, created from the inspiration that she has given me and emits to the world, daily. 

                                                                                                                                                                          - Allen Williams   

                                                                                                                                                                   Perfumer / Designer