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The New Eau De Parfum
Waken Woman

A fresh, clean, luxury, fragrance of delight, with a beautiful, yet, uniquely designed, combination of admirable notes.  These notes as such, when blended together in this way, surrender and release the lovely fragrance of Waken Woman.

Notes / Info

Top Notes:  Freesia, Currant, Verbena, Rosewood

Heart Notes:  White Flowers, Bamboo, Jasmin, Mimosa, Rose, Magnolia, Gardenia, Violet, Cherry Blossom


Bottom Notes:  Sandalwood, Vanilla,  Oakmoss

Family:  Asiatic, Floral, Woody

Mood:  Nostalgia


Technical Mixture (EsDP):  Parfum (28%) Fragrance                                                                    





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